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This site presents a four-week approach to setting up and decorating your Christmas tree, bringing biblical insight and meaning into your advent traditions. During the first week, set up your Christmas tree, and leave it undecorated. The second week, add lights. The third week, add meaningful decorations to the tree, but leave the top without decoration. For the fourth week, add a cross or other meaningful tree topper, and gifts around the tree.
During each of these weeks, conduct a time of family worship, reading the suggested scripture and talking about the meaning of that week's Christmas tree configuration. The readings included in this site provide a start for your family traditions.

The holiday decorations that you put up in your house reflect who you are as a family. Most of the household decorations that are arranged in our house during various holidays are somewhat meaningless, but they look nice. They serve to create an atmosphere of reverie and celebration, and to remind us that we are entering into a new season. Some decorations are more than just reminders of the changing of the seasons, and actually become the focus of our attention during the holidays. The most prominent of these in our house is the Christmas tree. Many families celebrate Christmas by setting up a tree which is promptly decorated and made the focal point for the season.

When I became a Christian, I found myself evaluating the small details of my life. As the years passed and my children grew older, I wondered how I could explain to them why we were putting up a tree in the middle of our living room to celebrate Christ's birth. I began to search the bible for anything that I could use to explain this indoor tree to my children. Soon, I discovered that trees are quite significant to God. He uses them throughout his Word to indicate sources of life and strength, and to present object lessons on obedience. It wasn't hard to take what God had written and find a meaningful way to apply His principals to lighting and decorating our Christmas tree, and placing gifts underneath. What follows is the result of my studies, and a tradition we began in our house over a decade ago.

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